A Covered Sandbox for 3 Dollars!

I’ve wanted to put together a sandbox for my son all summer. I finally finished it last week. I’ve kept my eye on Craig’s List looking for a free one, but every time one came up, no dice. So I told my mom what I wanted to do, and she promptly found a kiddie pool at a garage sale and gave it to me for the sandbox. I was grateful, but I really wanted a covered sandbox, so I put off filling it with sand for a while.

When we reached August and I was sick of not having a place for my little guy to play in the backyard, I finally put the sand in the pool and threw in some shovels and pails. He loves it. The first time it rained, which was about a day later, I regretted it. I had to figure out a way to cover this thing. A tarp would be to big and bulky, something wood would take too much time and money to make.

In the end I thought a vinyl tablecloth with elastic sewn around the edge would be perfect. I mentioned this to my mom again, and she came through again on the garage sales! A vinyl tablecloth and elastic binding found the very next time she went out to the garage sales. The cover was really easy to sew–it took me about 20 minutes total to do. I just trimmed the cloth into a circle about 4 inches bigger than the sandbox, pinned and sewed the elastic on, and it works beautifully. No animals or rain allowed in my sandbox!

20130817_130437 20130817_130503

Total cost: $3.00

Sand found for free on Craig’s List

Kiddie Pool: $2.00

Tablecloth: 25 cents

Elastic: $3.00 for about 10 yards…I used about 1.5 yards, so 75 cents is an estimate on the long end.


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